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Engineering Design & DFM

ESAero specializes in bringing aerospace technology to reality through design, analysis, testing, validation, and design for manufacturing. We have proven experience working with customers to bring their concepts and needs to maturity at an accelerated pace.

3D wireframe of Vesa CFD 1

Conceptual Aircraft & Component Design

  • Vehicle Conceptual Design
  • Air Vehicle Payload & Mission Analysis
  • 3D Mechanical Design
  • Structural Analysis
NASA X-57 Maxwell in flight

Hybrid, Electric, & Fuel Cell Power Systems

  • Electric Motor Design
  • Motor Controller Design
  • Battery Pack Design
  • Control Systems Design
  • Electric Prognostics & Health Monitoring
  • High Voltage Traction Bus Design
  • Distributed Propulsion Expertise
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Integration
  • Authorized Fuel Cell Distributor
  • eVTOL, eSTOL, Fixed & Rotor Wing Experience at All Sizes
Man flying a drone

Lab & Field Testing

  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Custom Component & System Test Rigs
  • Instrumentation System Design & Integration
  • Prognostics & Health Management Tools
  • Electric Motor Dynamometer
  • Arbin Battery Testers
  • High Power Load Testing
  • Static & Dynamic Load Fixturing
  • Test Plan Development
  • Hardware-in-the-loop Testing
  • Off-site Testing Support Services
  • Environmental Test Capability
  • Certified sUAS Pilots on Staff with Special Use Permits