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Field Adaptable Swarming Technology - Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance

EO/IR, Medium Lift, Swarming UAS

Front view of FAST-ISR drone

Designed for advanced UAS operations

FAST-ISR is designed for advanced air operations by a single user. Coming standard with a payload release kit, FAST-ISR can also be equipped with alternative payloads such as munitions and electronic warfare devices. FAST-ISR differs from its predecessor with the integration of FLIR’s Hadron 640R electrooptical and infrared camera paired with a nose mounted 2-axis gimbal.

Key Specifications

  • Max Flight Time (hover)

    Up to 30min

  • Max Data Link Range

    3+ miles

  • Max Ground Speed

    45 mph

  • Max Gross Weight

    13.5 lbs

  • Usable Payload

    3 lbs

  • Dimensions

    29 in x 29 in x 6.5 in

  • Payload Options

    Payload Release Kit (Standard), or Customizable (Ethernet/CAN)

  • Infrared Camera

    Boson 640x512 pixels

  • Electro-Optical Camera

    64.2 MP


ISR and Object Detection and Tracking

With an onboard microcomputer and advanced vision system, FAST-ISR is capable of advanced autonomous ISR techniques including following objects, loitering, surveying, and more.

Group of drones parked on the ground

Swarm Deployment and Control

FAST-ISR uses advanced ground control through a ruggedized tablet for multi-vehicle group tasking and deconfliction to execute multiple missions via a single pilot and ground control station.

Man flying a drone

Modular Payload

FAST-ISR comes equipped to execute various field missions with its standard payload release kit. It can also be integrated with kinetic effect or electronic warfare payloads.

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