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VTOL Electric Small Aircraft

Counter UAS

VESA Counter UAS front view

Designed for advanced air defense

VESA is designed for advanced air defense against the increasing threat of small, unmanned air systems and loitering munitions. With a top speed of 120 miles-per-hour, vertical takeoff, and onboard object detection and tracking, this UAS can counter other UAS on the move. Strength is in numbers, with vehicle-to-vehicle communication and tasking amongst other VESA, it can be deployed in swarms to counter multiple targets or increase chance of success. VESA weighs 4 lbs. with its standard kinetic payload onboard making it an effective tool for the disadvantaged soldier or within a mobile command and control system.

Key Specifications

  • Max Flight Time (VTOL HOVER)

    15 Min

  • Max Flight Time (Forward Flight)

    30 Min

  • Max Data Link Range

    5 Miles

  • Max Ground Speed

    120 mph

  • Max Gross Weight


  • Max Payload


ESAero VESA drone preparing for takeoff

Vertical Take-off and Landing

VESA takes off from a tail sitting position and transitions from vertical flight to forward flight, VESA is infrastructure light and multi-use capable.

VESA 3/4 view

High Speed and Maneuverability

This platform can counter a variety of UAS with a top speed of 120 mph and maneuverability for adjusting course onto a moving target.

VESA bottom view

Object Detection and Tracking

With an onboard microcomputer and advanced vision system, VESA is programmed to detect enemy UAS and relay targeting data to the user for man-in-the-loop tasking.

Two VESA drones on pavement

Swarm Deployment and Control

VESA uses vehicle-to-vehicle tasking and deconfliction to execute multiple missions via a single pilot and ground control station.

VESA Counter UAS front view

Modular Payload

Designed to host both kinetic and electronic warfare payloads, VESA comes equipped to counter UAS threats of various sizes.

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