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Core Technology Innovations

ESAero has proven experience providing engineering research and development of electric aircraft and innovative aerospace solutions since its beginnings in 2003.

NASA X-57 Maxwell in flight

NASA X-57 Maxwell

ESAero is the prime contractor for NASA’s first all-electric airplane, X-57 Maxwell. Through this project, ESAero is carrying out the integration of an experimental, high-aspect ratio wing to the aircraft including all flight structure, flight propulsion systems, and sensors.

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3D rendering of the ESAero ECO-150

ESAero ECO-150

ECO-150 is a 150 PAX, M=0.8, 3500 nm range concept with a “Split-wing" turboelectric system with 2 turbo generators and 16 motor driven fans embedded in the wing.

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ESAero Electrifed Rotor Head

ERH - Electrified Rotor Head

Developed for advanced vertical flight for urban air mobility and UAV applications, the Electrified Rotor Head (ERH) is part of ESAero’s emerging electrified aircraft technologies portfolio. ERH simplifies the traditional helicopter rotor while providing increased control authority and smoother operation. The ERH concept integrates the advantages of individual blade control with modern electronics and actuators. This technology provides optimized blade pitch control during the entire rotation of the rotor and allows for greater performance — performance that would not be possible with traditional mechanical swashplates. 

Man holding FAST drone

Field Adaptable Supply Technology

The FAST concept was developed under a US Navy SBIR Phase I and II, in which ESAero rapidly manufactured 117 vehicles in just 6-weeks to demonstrate rapid manufacturing capabilities alongside UAS swarming for disaster relief and aid supply. After the successful completion of the Phase II SBIR, ESAero utilized internal research and development funding to redesign a higher quality, rapidly producible, and mass manufacturable version of FAST. 

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Key Customers

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Custom Solutions

ESAero has provided innovative research and development services to public and private entities across its core skillset since 2003 and is well positioned to continue to offer innovative solutions to a wide variety of aerospace applications.

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