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ES Aero dynamo

EDS Series

The EDS200 Dynamometer is a complete system designed for characterizing high-powered electric and hybrid drive trains.

ESAero Dynamometer System

The EDS Series is ESAero’s collection of electric motor dynamometers. These systems are designed for the characterization and certification of high-powered electric drivetrains. EDS has two standard sizes, EDS-200 and EDS-300 which can test and evaluate 200kW and 330kW motors and inverters respectively. Originally designed for the development of the X-57 Maxwell, this dynamometer is uniquely capable of characterization of hybrid and electric drivetrains for emerging commercial aircraft certification. 

Key Specifications

  • Maximum Speed

    5,500 RPM

  • Power Capacity

    442 hp, 330kW

  • Drive Maximum Torque Rating

    738 lb.-ft, 1000 Nm

  • Vibrations Accelerometer


  • Power Data Acquisition


  • Size

    25’ x 12’ x 7’

ES Aero dynamo

Test Software for Advanced Air Mobility

The EDS system has a configurable test software that sets it apart from other dynamometers on the market. It provides real-time data up to 2 MS/s to the user of electrical performance, mechanical performance, data bus communication, thermal management, health monitoring, and other custom sensors.

The EDS300 Dynometer

4-quadrant Regenerative Operation

Testing these components at high power can be a huge draw on facilities power. This can lead to issues with the utility provider, permitting, and facility power capability. The system regenerates power from the test article, and places it back onto the 480V grid, significantly reducing the energy consumed during testing.

ES Aero dynamo

Custom Sizing

Emerging electric aircraft are coming in a wide variety of sizes for different manned and unmanned platforms. The EDS can be configured to the customer’s needs by swapping the EDS motor for a more tailored solution.

ES Aero dynamo inner wiring

Additional Features

The EDS comes with integrated a liquid cooled brake motor, precharger, temperature sensors, integrated calorimeter, and emergency stop. Additional options include pressure sensors, air flow sensors, and other features upon request.

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