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Field Adaptable Swarming Technology

Medium Lift, Swarming UAS

FAST drone full view

Enables Fleets of Vehicles

A user-friendly operating system enables fleets of vehicles operated by a single ground station to deliver packaged or integrated payloads more than 3 miles. Designed and built in the USA with a robust supply chain and lean manufacturing techniques, large quantities of FAST systems can be rapidly deployed, even for attritable missions, such as target and counter UAS tests. FAST has been demonstrated in swarms of 30+ vehicles.

Key Specifications

  • Max Flight Time

    45 Min

  • Max Data Link Range

    5 Miles

  • Max Ground Speed

    50 mph

  • Max Gross Weight

    13.5 lbs

  • Max Payload Release Weight

    8 lbs

FAST drone side view

Swarm Deployment and Control

FAST uses advanced ground control through a ruggedized tablet for multi-vehicle group tasking and deconfliction to execute multiple missions via a single pilot and ground control station.

Man holding FAST drone

Modular Payload and Cargo Capacity

Designed with a cargo bin, FAST has space for cargo as well as integrated payloads. FAST’s modular payload interface allows for field integration of various electronic payloads. FAST’s cargo container has the capacity to hold two water bottles or like sized items.

FAST drone top view

Counter UAS Test Asset

With FAST’s open architecture and rapid manufacturability, it can provide great value as a counter UAS test asset; FAST can be swapped with various telemetry systems and other components to simulate the intended UAS for testing purposes.

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