Key Customers and Projects
NASA Langley Research Center

LEAPTech (Leading Edge Asynchronous Propellers Technology) Team Seedling Demonstrator

NASA Glenn Research Center

Undisclosed Project

NASA Ames Research Center

N+2, N+3 Hybrid Electric Modeling and Tool Development

Lockheed Martin

Construction of the Subscale Lokheed HWB Wind Tunnel and Flight Test Vehicle

Advanced Conceptual Design Support


Distributed Hybrid Electric Propolsion (DHEP) Study for AFRL RCEE

Distributed Hybrid Electric Propolsion (DHEP) Commercial Studies

Distributed Propulsion Aircraft Design and Analysis


Design and consulting services to support the TERN Phase II DARPA Program

South West Aero Group

Data Reduction of Flight Test Data for FAA Certification of a Re-engine

Data Reduction of Evergreen International Supertanker Flight Data

747 Fuselage Stiffness and Mass Properties

General Atomics

Specific Hybrid System Design

Air Vehicle Hybridization Planning

Hybrid Electric Air Vehicles Design and Evaluation


MAKO Hybrid Airship Design, Analysis, Testing and LRIP

LaunchPoint Technologies

Undisclosed Project

NASA X-57 Maxwell

ESAero is carrying out the integration of an experimental, high-aspect ratio wing to the aircraft including all flight structure, flight propulsion systems and sensors. Under contract by NASA, ESAero will also address environmental testing of key subsystems and instrumentation. In addition, ESAero will support NASA aircraft and system verification and validation efforts.

Mission Goal
  • HELP Develop Certification Standards for Electric Aircraft Markets
  • SHARE X-57 Design and Airworthiness Process with Regulators and Standards Organizations to Further Develop Airworthiness Certification Approaches
  • ADVANCE the Nation’s Science and Industrial Base by Establishing a Reference Platform for Integrated Approaches of Distributed Electric Propulsion Technologies, Including Best Practices and Lessons Learned
Design Drivers
  • 500% Increase in High-Speed Cruise Efficiency
  • Demonstrate Zero In-Flight Carbon Emissions
  • Demonstrate Flight that is much Quieter for Communities on theGround
X-57 Project Page

ESAero ECO-150

ECO-150 is a 150 PAX, M=0.8, 3500 nm range concept with a “Split-wing" turboelectric system with 2 turbo generators and 16 motor driven fans embedded in the wing.

Stemming back to 2008, the ECO-150 was derived to improve future 737-class transportation through use of embedded, Turbo-electric Distributed Propulsion. Electrification of propulsion yielded aerodynamic, structural, and integration advantages over standard configurations.

Design Drivers
  • Prove non-superconducting electrical systems could be made to work in a large aircraft
  • Advance ambient-temperature generator and motor technology
  • Meet NASA’s 2020-25 timeframe N+2 goals (40% less fuel used, lower emissions and lower noise)
ECO-150 Project Page

Additional Projects

ESAero has 20,000 Sq.Ft. dedicated to the manufacturing, integration, & testing of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Additional Projects Page

Aircraft Electrified Propulsion

ESAero is a subject matter expert in the fields of hybrid & electric propulsion.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

ESAero has 20,000 Sq.Ft. dedicated to the manufacturing, integration, & testing of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Company News + Additional Projects

Formed in 2003, ESAero has been serving the needs of the engineering industry through its work on entrepreneurial concept development, aircraft modifications for the military, and commercial conceptual air vehicle designs. Learn more about ESAero's projects and services.